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A VR Theater production embracing the future of Social VR and social worlds, Loveseat was a groundbreaking new format pushing the boundaries of collective virtual experiences. Wearing VR headsets and motion trackers, the actors perform for a live audience, while simultaneously embodying avatars for the virtual audience on the social VR platform, High Fidelity.


Loveseat is a romantic comedy where two lonely, ordinary people are drawn into a reality show competition to win the love of a Perfect Partner (who looks an awful lot like an empty chair). 


Loveseat had its World Premiere at the 76th Venice International Film Festival.

Before and after the main performance, audience members could immerse themselves in the storyworld of Loveseat with a Bose AR spatialized audio experience. In addition, they learned more about "today’s contestants" and could leave their own personal “trace” behind by contributing to a playful collective story.

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