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Skits & Giggles nominated for Best Immersive Performance

We’re excited as we head into rehearsals for the World Premiere of our new VR-iety show, Skits & Giggles, at the Raindance Film Festival. In just a few short weeks our performers will be performing in Horizon Worlds “live in front of a studio audience” - aka the Raindance Festival attendees!

As always, we have been pushing the limits of live VR performance, taking full advantage of Horizon Worlds’ native worldbuilding tools. The platform allows for constant iteration and puts our team in a creative space that is very exciting as we work together, divide the workflow, iterate and inspire each other.

When we can use VR to fully create a production, as both the tool and the medium, it opens us up to living more deeply inside the medium. Playing with the capabilities of worldbuilding and designing within Horizon Worlds has fulfilled our hopes for artist-driven collaboration. And nothing can describe the moment when we walk through a virtual “set” as it comes to life as if it’s our own mini-theme park.

Creating Skits & Giggles was a playful experience for our entire team as we explored new forms of interaction that built on the work we started with Finding Pandora X: In Skits & Giggles, we drink, we laugh, we celebrate, we dance–and at its heart, everything is about togetherness. It’s about the connection we have to our friends, our community, and to the performers.

It has given us such joy to bring this show to life, and hopefully, to spread more joy in the metaverse.


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