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Coming soon - our first NFT's

We’re excited to announce that we are creating a line of unique NFT avatars inspired by our productions and events in Live Virtual Reality Arts this year.

We believe in the power of presence and the live embodiment of avatars for meaningful social connection. Our NFT avatars will be fully rigged for you to embody in our productions and in other virtual worlds. Our first NFT avatar collection is an evolution of the Greek Chorus avatar worn by our audience in our production “Finding Pandora X.” “Finding Pandora X” is the beginning of a story and a universe of worlds and characters.

We have been thrilled to have hosted many audiences from around the globe. We will be opening the doors to Mount Olympus for more live events, as well as doors to new worlds we are creating. At the heart of every world is a story – a storyverse, a universe, a… mythaverse.

Stay tuned in the coming months for the next world we will open to you, as well as the date of our first NFT drop! At Double Eye Studios we are dedicated to writing new mythologies and new narratives. Welcome to the mythaverse.


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