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Our award-winning XR studio is known for its ground-breaking work in interactive storytelling and live Virtual Reality Arts. We are the founders of the Virtual Repertory Theatre and have led some of the world’s first live hybrid and virtual theatre productions. Our productions are grounded in the design principles of embodiment, interactivity, branching narratives and complex character development, with a focus on collaboration and connection. 


The Double Eye team pulls from a variety of specialized skill sets including live theater, AR, VR, UX design, 360˚ film production, full post-production, software development and game design. 


Founded in 2009 by Kiira Benzing, we take pride in being a woman-owned business (WBE), ensuring many departments are helmed by women, as well as mentoring women to grow new skillsets on our productions. We believe strongly that diverse viewpoints lead to a richer, more meaningful experience for our audiences. We integrate mentorship programs to ensure that more women and POC can build new skills, envision themselves in the industry and begin to seed the XR industry with their perspectives. 


Merging Live Performance with VR is our passion and we care deeply about this emerging new form of storytelling. We love risk taking and embracing all the challenges and surprises that come from working on the cutting edge of interactive, VR, and live performance. We are dedicated to writing new mythologies and new narratives. 


Welcome to the #mythaverse.


"The technologies we see emerging today are a new frontier waiting to be explored and allow for an almost limitless capacity to create experiences that reconnect us with a sense of wonder. But it is only when we harness the power of those technologies to a strong, vibrant story that we truly create magic."

- Kiira Benzing


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